Our Location

Ground Floor, Al Mariah Cinema Complex corner of Hamdan and Najda street Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Tel : 6716782 - 6716783
Fax : 6716784


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Bagong Ulam at Oriental

Added a few dishes for the O.K. menu, be the first to order and taste. Enjoy food at prices easy on the pocket. Try it NOW !

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Oriental Delivery

HUNGRY ? Pick-up your phone right now choose your favorites from the menu. Oriental accepts order from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Delivery time starts at 11:30 a.m. untill 12 midnight only with minimum charge. Order in advance and have your food delivered on time.


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About Oriental Korner

Oriental Korner began as an idea, sparked by Cristina Veloso, a Tuao Cagayan native, whose passion and love for Filipino cooking led to the beginnning of Oriental Korner.  Working for years as an airport stewardess, Cristina wanted to give a little something from home to the growing Filipino community in Abu Dhabi.  Oriental Korner was established in 1997 along the busy streets of Elektra and then uprooted to Al Mariah cinema in 2000.


The OK's popularity stems from the foods authentic and delicious taste.  The signature canton noodles found in some of the dishes are made with a few secret ingredients only found in the Philippines.


Over the years, Oriental Korner remained strong.  Through Cristina's perseverance, hard work and business awareness she was able to catch a wide market in Abu Dhabi.


Jonina Veloso